Top Third Party Ayurvedic Herbal Brain Tonic Capsule Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Brain Tonic Capsule manufacturer and supplierBRAIN TONIC CAPSULE : Boost longevity, Improve mental functions & Learning ability.
Description :  It may help boost longevity, improve mental functions & learning ability. Brahmi has active ingredient Bacosides which are considered to be helpful in improving learning ability, enhancing grasping power, concentration & alertness.
Features and benefits :

  • Helps in providing essential brain tonic (bacosides) & improving mental functions
  • Helps to prevents stress. Helps in assuring natural sleep
  • Helps to promote hair growth. Helps in relaxing scalp & nourish hair root

Ingredients : Each 400mg capsule contains extract derived from

1 Kali mirch 50mg
2 Saphgandha 50mg
3 Brahmi 150mg
4 Jatamansi 50mg
5 Shakhpushpi 50mg
6 Ashwagandha 50mg

Indications : Helps in increasing weak memory and mental fatigue.