Pain relief oilPAIN OIL :Effective Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil to treat Rheumatism, Gout, Joints pain, Muscular pain, and Inflammation.
Description :

Ruhani Herbals Pain oil is enriched with essential Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil like Malkangini oil, Nilgiri oil, Erand oil, Kapoor, and other natural ingredients. The pain oil relieves muscle stiffness, joint pain, headaches, swelling, and more. It is a natural pain reliever oil that is non-sticky, works rapidly to alleviate any pain occurring in your body, and has a refreshing aroma. 

The product is the best for you if you are searching for a pain relief oil that can deal with the conditions such as joint pains, rheumatism, muscular pain, and others. It consists of natural extracts and advanced herbal formulation that helps maintain long-term joint health. It has zero side effects, and this natural herbal oil consists of every essential remedy to offer instant relief from pain and inflammation of the joints.

This Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pain Relief features some of the best combinations of the medicinal properties of different natural ingredients and oils. It works like magic to reduce swelling, joint pain, and sciatica pain and also aids in dealing with conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatism, gout, frozen shoulders, and more. The advanced herbal formula and blends offer the relief you have been searching for when applied to the affected areas.
Key Benefits :

  • Ayurvedic pain relief oil can help you quickly recover from joint, muscle, and bone injuries.
  • Ruhani Herbals pain oil helps in relieving you from joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation
  • Regular massages with Ayurvedic oil can help eliminate toxins and every impurity in the body.
  • Studies suggest that Ayurvedic oil helps you shed excess weight and burn fat.
  • Massaging with oil improves blood circulation in the targeted areas with pain, stiffness, or inflammation.

Ingredients : Each 100ml contains

1 Asli oil 5ml
2 Erand oil 5ml
3 Malkangini oil 2ml
4 Nilgiri oil 2ml
5 Kapoor 5ml
6 Pudina oil 5ml
7 Tarpin oil 5ml
8 Til oil 61ml
9 Gandhpurana oil 10ml

Indications : Rheumatoid and Arthritis

Directions for Use

  • Apply the Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil over the affected areas of the body
  • Always massage the skin over the affected areas of the body
  • You will get relieved in 5 to 15 minutes

Safety Information

  • Always store in a cool, dark & dry place
  • Keep medicines out of children’s reach
  • In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water for 10 minutes.