MUSLI CAPSULE : Suger control capsules.
Description :  Suger Control capsules is an herbals blend of over 30 herbs and minerals and provides gentle and safe glycemic control.
Features and benefits :

  • maintains normal blood sugar levels
  • supports normal lipid metabolism
  • promotes glucose utilization
  • acts as an aid for healthy functioning pancreatic cells.
  • Diabecon helps reduce oxidative stress
  • helps protect the lens of the eye

Ingredients : Each 500mg capsule contains extract derived from

1 Gudmar 50mg
2 Daruhaldi 50mg
3 Saptrangi 50mg
4 Amaltas 50mg
5 Karela 40mg
6 Jamun 45mg
7 Guduchi 45mg
8 Heena 40mg
9 Vijyasar 40mg
10 Dalchini 50mg
11 Piprin 10mg
12 Banaba 30mg

Indications : Helps in controlling suger.