LIVER TONIC : Supports healthy liver and gallbladder functionUntitled-1-copy-241x300
Description :  it used to detoxify, strengthen and support the liver.
Features and benefits :

  • Helps relieve digestive symptoms such as dyspepsia (indigestion), abdominal discomfort, flatulence, bloating, constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Supports the body’s own detoxification and waste elimination processes.
  • Stimulates the production and flow of bile.
  • Teams the Western herb Milk Thistle (St Mary’s) with a synergistic blend of Chinese herbs to support liver and gall bladder health.
  • Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on the liver.

Ingredients : Each 5 ml contains extract derived from.

1 Bhringraj 50mg
2 Kalmegh 25mg
3 Kutki 25mg
4 Punarva 50mg
5 Bahera 75mg
6 Harar 75mg
7 Makoi 50mg
8 Saunf 50mg
9 Amla 75mg
10 Bhumi Amla 100mg
11 Sarfooka 75mg

Indications : Inefective hepatitis, enlarged or sluggished liver.