LIVER TONIC : Supports healthy liver and gallbladder functionliver tonic
Description :

This supplement may help detoxify the liver, maintain liver functioning, recover digestion, and help maintaining a healthy liver. It helps improve liver functioning, strengthens the immune system, and retains a healthier body weight. Liver Syrup is a meticulously researched formula devised by our group of Ayurvedic experts. It comprises of 28 clinically proven herbs that are helpful in the defense and detoxification of the liver. This all-in-one, multi-purpose Ayurvedic Syrup made from Ayurvedic liver tonic syrup manufacturers supports digestion, endorses craving, helps in regulating good and bad cholesterol levels, improving enzymatic action, neutralizing acidity and enhancing Immunity.

There are no added sugars in Hepaza-6, making it idyllic syrup for the health-conscious and diabetics. Who can use above said syrup from Ayurvedic Liver Enzyme Syrup Manufacturer in India? Liver troubles are common with diabetic patients and Hepaza-6 has no added sugars in it, which makes it an ideal fit for diabetics. Above-mentioned syrup is suggested as co-therapy for populace who are heavy drinkers, feel fatigued or experience loss of hunger, have high cholesterol, constipation or liver evils. It can be eaten by everyone as a general liver health addition for even functioning and support of the liver as it has no notorious side effects.

Key Benefits :

  • It helps reducing the feelings of lethargy and also improves immunity, energy and vivacity
  • It supports liver functioning and improves digestion
  • It reinforces the immunity system and helps maintaining a healthy body weight

Ingredients : Each 5 ml contains extract derived from.

1 Bhringraj 50mg
2 Kalmegh 25mg
3 Kutki 25mg
4 Punarva 50mg
5 Bahera 75mg
6 Harar 75mg
7 Makoi 50mg
8 Saunf 50mg
9 Amla 75mg
10 Bhumi Amla 100mg
11 Sarfooka 75mg

Directions for Use: 

Children: ½-1 spoon twice or thrice daily
Adults: 1 ½ – 2 spoon twice or thrice daily

Safety Information:

  • Read the label cautiously prior to the usage
  • Do not exceed the suggested dose
  • Store in a cold and arid place away from direct daylight
  • Keep out of reach of children