PILES CAPSULE : Ayurvedic Medicine & Herbal Remedies For Piles.
Description :  Ruahni Herbals Piles is a cumbersome disease affecting both men and women equally. It can be classified as external, internal or bleeding and non-bleeding depending upon position and tendency to bleed. Piles are basically a group of tortuous veins which recoil on themselves around the anal canal and sometimes bleed due to pressure on these veins.
Features and benefits :

  • Piles tablets shrink the hemorrhoid mass and stop bleeding
  • Piles reduce inflammation of mucous membrane and skin
  • It reduces rectal bleeding, alleviates pain & itching and treats chronic constipation, which are main symptoms of hemorrhoids

Ingredients : Each 500mg capsule contains extract derived from

1 Guggal 200mg
2 Neem 60mg
3 Daruhaldi 60mg
4 Amla 60mg
5 Haritki 30mg
6 Vibhitki 30mg
7 Kachnar 30mg
8 Nagkesar 30mg

Indications : Useful in piles.