SPERM GROWTH CAPSULE : Best Increase Sperm Volume Supplements.
Description :  One common desire among men is to increase the volume of semen. The reason behind this is the fact that it would render them to be more fertile and also attain intense orgasm. Nonetheless, the common belief exists that this may not be possible, as there are many men looking for alternative in increasing their semen. It should not be a surprise how low semen ejaculation can not only be a sign of embarrassment but also a sign of future infertility. In this article, you will discover how certain ingredients from three different products can help you with this stigma in the masculine world
Features and benefits :

  • This capsules promotes male reproductive health
  • This capsules tones the male reproductive organs
  • This capsules helps to maintain healthy sperm production, motility and health
  • helps in rejuvenation
  • also acts as an aphrodisiac and boosts libido

Ingredients : Each 400mg capsule contains extract derived from

1 Salabmishri 100mg
2 Kokilaksha 70mg
3 Kapikachu 70mg
4 Vriddaru 50mg
5 Gokhru 40mg
6 Jivanti 100mg
7 Putrajivika 70mg

Indications : Helps in erectile dysfunction.