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STONE CAPSULE : Capsules for Kidney and Urinary Stones
Description :Ruhani Herbals offers medication for removing stones used for removing kidney stones and issues with gout. It is a herbal remedy that reduces the uric acid in the stomach, which gets produced whenever the food is not digested properly. The Ayurvedic Stone Capsule Manufacturers are manufacturing these herbal remedies that work by the reduction of the uric acid present in the stomach produced whenever food is not getting digested properly. Gout is caused due to the excessive production of uric acid in the body. 

Crystals might start developing in and around the specific joints and the kidney whenever the amount reaches extremely high. It results in the most excruciating pain, warmth, swelling, and redness. The Capsules prevent the formation of crystals and reduce the amounts of blood uric acid.

Get rid of renal stone issues, kidney stones, and issues with the gallbladder with the capsules. It consists of no steroids and is 100% herbal and ayurvedic without any side effects. It consists of a combination of herbal components, making it safer for consumption. Kidney stones are treated effectively with alternative medicines. The Ayurvedic Capsule For Kidney Stone helps pass the stone and relieve pain as they do not have serious side effects, even with those within this medicine that occurs temporarily due to the all-natural Ayurvedic ingredients.

The capsules are enriched with herbal ingredients that support kidney health and gallbladder health. It reduces the discomfort of any type linked with ease and the flow of urine. It is safe for use and has no side effects since it is entirely made from natural ingredients. It consists of no steroids being used under this composition. Furthermore, it can help ease discomfort and inflammation of any type, which helps preserve better health.

Key Benefits:

  • It has diuretic qualities that support stone-clearing abilities
  • Supports optimal kidney health and proper urinary tract functioning
  • Eradicates toxins of any type from the body
  • Reduces the potential burning sensations being experienced while urinating

Ingredients : Each 250mg capsule contains extract derived from

1 Pashanbhed 40mg
2 Ber pathar 25mg
3 Makoy 25mg
4 Nagarmotha 35mg
5 Kultha 40mg
6 Gokhru 20mg
7 Punarnava 40mg
8 Manjitha 25mg

Directions for Use: 

  • Take 1 to 2 capsules every day or as your physician advised
  • Consume the capsules for at least 3 months

Safety Information

  • The capsules are being used 36 months from the date of manufacturing
  • Always store the capsules away from direct sunlight 
  • Store them in a relatively cool and dry place
  • Place them away from the reach of kids