TALIN ULTRA PNOL is an powerful and beneficial surface cleaner with Lemon/Flower power and Pine fragrance. Its tri-action fast and effective formula removes stubborn stains, kills 99.9% germs, and fights odor in your home and bathroom. Suitable for all types of surfaces including marble, kitchen, and bathroom counters, table tops, chairs, glass, wood, metal, plastics, etc.

Where to use

FLOORS : Pour a capful of TALIN ULTRA PNOL in a bucket(3 Liters) of water for a concentrated mopping solution. Mop using this solution to get germs free and fragrant floor.

TOILETS : Put just a few drops of TALIN ULTRA PNOL in the toilet bowl after a flushing for a pleasing pine aroma.

DESERT COOLER : Add a few capful of TALIN ULTRA PNOL to the water tank(Depending upon the size) to get cool fresh pine fragrance.


250 ML

For Use :-

  1. Home
  2. Offices
  3. Industries
  4. Hospital
  5. Clinics
  6. Hotels
  7. Workshops etc.