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MUSLI CAPSULE : Important herbs assisting powerful sex.
Description :  Ruahni Herbals is one among the important herbs assisting powerful sex. This health giving tinic is well know as herbal aphrodisiac, rejuvenation and energizer. musli is found to be equally beneficial for both men and women. it is a perfect choice for those people who wish to regain their health and stamina. musli capsules is an effective herbals remedy for curing sexual weakness and low sperm count. musli capsules boots energy production in cells and increases libido.
Features and benefits :

  • Each capsule contains Musli Roots Powder.
  • In Herbal Musli capsules is considered as a health tonic. It is a rich source of alkaloids and may help nourish each and every tissue of the body. It is also said to have galactagogue properties.
  • Musli is considered as a male Revitaliser.
  • It is considered to help improve physical weakness.
  • Musli is considered to have Immunity modulatory properties.

Ingredients : Each 500mg capsule contains extract derived from

1 Safed musli 50mg
2 Aloe vera 50mg
3 Kali musli 50mg
4 Naikurana/kaunchbeej 75mg
5 Ashwagandha 50mg
6 Amla/nelikai 50mg
7 Gokhru 25mg
8 Vayalchulli/talmakhana 50mg
9 Jaiphal 50mg
10 Shilajeet 50mg

Indications : Useful in youthful vigour and general weakness.